NAAU Data Collection Methods

IMPACTS believes that the NAAU represents the largest, most robust, and most representative effort to document and quantify the perceptions and behaviors of the US adult market concerning visitor-serving enterprise.  The ongoing research engages the representative participation of US adults so as to minimize geographic, ethnic, income, educational, and language-based biases that may otherwise limit representative participation.  Data collection methods include:



These in-person interviews with respondents occur nationwide and are particularly valuable in gaining the participation of historically underserved and less documented market members (including English as a second language households).



Random digit dialing of both landline and mobile numbers helps provide a random selection of representative persons - including those with unpublished numbers - to participate in the data collection process. 



Online sampling designed to engage the participation of market members using both mobile and traditional online platforms enables an extraordinary scale to the sampling effort.  IMPACTS validation processes help ensure the integrity of the online data sample.

Collectively, the continuous deployment of these data collection methods provide an ongoing, "near real-time" data stream to support the NAAU.


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